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Legend of the Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace

What It Means to Give a Hawaiian Fish Hook, In honor of Manaiakalani, which translates as “Hook from the Heavens,” giving a Hawaiian fish hook to someone symbolizes strength and prosperity, and is said to bring good luck for those traveling at sea. In addition, the wearer enjoys the prestige of being a great provider. It is not necessarily a romantic gift, but it is a gift given out of love.

About Fish Hook Necklaces

Authentic fish hooks (Makau) are hand carved from bone, pearl, abalone shell, jade, fossilized ivory and/or koa wood, which is prized for its strength, color and beautiful grain patterns and can be wrapped in silver, gold or platinum; set with diamonds or precious stones. The legend became commerce about 15 years ago when a resurgence of the Hawaiian culture began to take form. Commercial manufacturers soon jumped on the bandwagon and began mass producing cheap knockoffs to be sold everywhere, but the real artisan work, handmade and individual, can still be found on Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace (dot) com.

A Wondrous Gift

Giving a gift of a Hawaiian fish hook necklace is highly symbolic and deeply meaningful. Specific carved designs add extra layers of meaning to the fish hook, depending on the area of Hawaii where the carving is made. It is a gift rich with history and steeped in legend, a special treasure with roots in ancient lore.


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