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Mahalo to everyone for such nice reviews! Some people wish to be anonymous with their profile pictures but I assure you all these reviews were personally sent to me through email and I have their approval to post it on my site.


What’s up bro. I got my fish hook in the mail today. Thanks bro. You did a great job on it. Working on my wife now trying to convince her I need another one. I’ll let you know when I make the purchase to see if I can get it mailed USPS again. Thanks again bro. Charles

Charles Bond
Mike Brown

I want to thank you so much for my Fish Hook Pendant. It will always be a very special reminder of my surf trip to Kauai. Also, it will always remind of the importance of the sea and all of it’s wonderful creatures. How ever one of the most special aspects of this hook is how much it means to you, and how much pride and love you put into carving it. You are an incredibly talented individual, with a wonderful story and a meaningful mission. I am very honored and grateful to have one of your Fish Hooks.

Mike Brown Co-Founder, Humans for Oceans ( H4O )
The work that I get from this artist is so beautiful and of best quality and a fair price also.

Simply Outstanding Quality! Your talent is that of a fine jeweler! I am extremely pleased with my purchase and highly recommend your fish hooks!! Thank you for providing me with an heirloom!

Thom Owner of

Thank you that look simple and easy. I really do look forward to being able to wear this and thanks so much for carving it for me. It will be part of my life for a long time and will mean something to my girls. I hope you have a blessed life and a always get to do what you enjoy.

Scott Arrowmus
John DeLuca
Having been a fisherman and working on boats my whole life I have always loved the symbolism of the fish hook and had a deep respect for the ocean. This piece is simply amazing. It was everything I wanted and more. I would recommend it to anyone interested.
John DeLuca Facebook
Wow bro. The pic on the web doesn’t do this piece justice. Very happy with my purchase.
Thank you. Charles received his necklace and is very happy.
Being a devout fisherman and in a major transition in my life; i went looking for an authentic hook to mark my new chapter in life. A hook that i could wear indefinitely, look to as a reminder to stick to my plan, and something to hand down to a younger one. I’m happy to have found Po’okela as the hook exceeds my expectations in beauty and craftsmanship. What’s more, upon chatting with Po’okela, is to learn the inspiring way he came to learn his art-craft, and to know the actual thought and meaning that went into my hook’s individually unique shape! Thanks, a true treasure and pleasure!
Gerry Nielsen
I purchased a Hawaiian Fish Hook necklace for my son as a birthday gift. He is a teenager and I wanted to give him a gift that was special and not video-gaming related. He loved his necklace as it is great to wear year round, goes with everything and really looks nice on him. The necklace is obviously made with love and care. The packaging is also wonderful!
Gerry Nielsen Owner at